Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Finally back joining in on Whatcha Workin On Wednesday

Hi everyone,

I am back from my much needed break.It really wasn't much of a break being that I spent most of it doing housework,yard work and I helped Mark get the garden planted.I did take a little break from sewing but to tell you the truth I got bored...I never get bored...LOL,so last week I got back to the sewing.I didn't push myself,just did a little sewing each day and some stitching at night.I wanted to get back to joining in on Whatch Workin On Wednesday and I did it!I have been working on some mice...yes,I said mice but they are the cutest little mice!I used a pattern by Stacey of Ravens Haven.Thanks Stacey for such a great pattern!I love how these cute little mice turned out.The 4 in the picture are for sale and I made a 5th one for a friend for her birthday.I sure hope she will like it.I have also been using some of my prim labels that I bought awhile back from Yankee Lane Primitives.Someone gave Mark a jar of Molasses awhile back and it has just been sitting on a shelf in the kitchen because I don't care for molasses unless they are baked in just reminds me of motor oil...YUCK!Anyway when I was going through my labels I came across one that said Molasses and a light when off in my head...LOL...I put it on that jar of molasses and took some stained osnaburg and made a topper for it.It turned out great!I took a picture of it but please look past that ugly wall paper in the background,it will soon be painted and then I will show you some nice pictures of my kitchen.Well that is all I have for today.I guess I better get back to my laundry...something else I can't seem to stay ahead of...LOL.

Have a great day!

Prim hugs,