Friday, May 25, 2012

Americana Primitives

Hi everyone,
    Finally I am getting a chance to show you some pictures of the Americana primitives I have recently made.I have a few more things in the works so hopefully it won't be too long and I will have more pictures to share with you.I have to apologize for some of the pictures being so bad,I am just not a good picture taker...LOL.The black Uncle Sam crock stick was made from a pattern by My Primitive Saltbox.The Libirdie Crow Stitchery pillow was made from a pattern by Twigs n Sprigs.The Patriotic Picnic Stitchery pillow was made from a pattern from an old Create and Decorate magazine.The Patriotic Sheep Door Doll was made from a pattern by Kentucky Primitives.I was so pleased with how it turned out and now I want to make one for myself.The Star Stack was made from a pattern by Thymeless Treasures.The Uncle Sam doll was made from a pattern by Chestnut Junction.He is 15 inches.The Uncle Sam hat cupboard tucks were made from a pattern by Olde Annies Primitives.If you are interested in any of these Americana primitives or have any questions just email me and I will help you as much as I can.I hope you will enjoy seeing my Americana primitives.I hope you all will have a very nice,relaxing and safe Memorial Day!We won't be doing much of anything with Mark having to work Monday but we will be grilling some burgers and I like that because no cooking for me!Thanks for visiting my blog!
Prim hugs,