Friday, August 30, 2013

Just Wondering and Fall Prims

Hi everyone,
    Once again I must apologize for being so slack in updating my blog.It has been a busy and eventful Summer.I have been busy with orders,finally gave up and got glasses,so now I can see...LOL.Also my husband lost one of his Uncles unexpectedily on July 4th.My husband also had some health issues which really scared me but with lots of prayers everything turned out fine and the meds the doctor has him on has worked great.Ok,enough of that and on to my wondering part of my post title.I have been wondering if there are any bloggers or blog readers out there in NC that love primitives like I do.I know of some already but I get so surprised to find people on Facebook that live close to me and they too love primitives.Sometimes when I do shows and people that don't get primitives or just plain don't like primitives,give that awful look or say things that are not nice,it really gets to me and I I the only one that likes primitives?Well never mind me I just wonder sometimes and would love to know what other people think.Well now lets get onto something better....Fall prims.I have been working on Fall prims since back in July.I really don't know how I have not been seeing scarecrows and pumpkins in my sleep...LOL.I thought I would share some pictures of some of the things I have made.I made several of the flat pumpkins,they are not real flat but look really cute in a bowl or trencher.They would also look great on a wreath.I have made several different scarecrows and I think the Happy Fall Y'all Scarecrow is my favorite.I was so pleased with how it turned out.I have made 2 so far and I am working on a 3rd one for a friend.I really loved how it looked hanging on my china cabinet door but of course I have not made one for myself but that's the way it goes...LOL.I made the Happy Fall Y'all scarecrow from a pattern by Raggedy Pants Designs.I also have to thank Jackie from TFC Folkart for sharing how to make the cute JOL pillow.Jackie is so talented and so very nice.I was so pleased with how the pillows turned out.Yes,I made more pumpkins....Patty Pan pumpkins,I made several of them and they are so cute piled in a bowl.I made then from a pattern by Sweet Meadows Farm.Oh yes,more scarecrows,I love scarecrows.I made a cute little scarecrow called Po Scarecrow.I made it from a pattern by Chestnut Junction.It looks so cute sitting just about anywhere or hanging.I loved how he looked sitting in my old sifter box.No,didn't get to make one for myself.I also made some really nice felt pumpkins.I made them in 2 different colors of orange,cream and black.I was very pleased with how they turned out.Well that is all I have to share for now.As always if you see anything you might be interested in or you would like to talk about primitives with me please email me you so much for visiting my blog and please check back because I will be posting more pictures of more Fall prims over the weekend,I promise I will...LOL.Have a nice weekend!
Prim hugs,