Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another Uncle Sam

Hi everyone!

It looks like it's going to be another miserably hot day here in NC.I only went outside a few times yesterday and that was enough for me!I have errand running to do today but I am going to get out early and get back as soon as I can!

I finished another Uncle Sam doll yesterday.This is a white one just like the black one I posted yesterday.I made it from a Bittersweet pattern.I love your patterns Mandy!This one is for sale too.If you are interested just email me:

I will give you all the details.I also took a picture of both Sams together.I thought they looked cute together...LOL.Well I better go for now so I can get out early this morning.I hope everyone will have a great day!

Prim hugs,


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A new Uncle Sam doll

Hi everyone,

Well it has been a long time since I posted and I thought I better post to let everyone know I am still here just have been really busy.I have been blessed with several orders and I put those first and after the orders I am still working on my house.I think the house projects are going to be never ending...LOL.Now there is the dreaded yard work added to that list too.I have also been doing some swaps which is so much fun!I am working on swaps right now along with making some new things.I finally made an Uncle Sam doll.Well I made up 2 but I just finished one of them.It is a black Uncle Sam.I love how it turned out!I love black dolls!I made it from a Bittersweet pattern.He has a bottle cap pin pinned to his hat,rusty safety pins on his shirt and on his boots.He holds his primitive flag that has a rusty bell pinned on it.Today I will be finishing a white Uncle Sam just like the black one.The black one is for sale if anyone is interested in it.You can email me:

and I will give you all the details.Well I guess I better get back to work.I hope to have another post tomorrow with pictures of the white Uncle Sam.Have a great day everyone!

Prim hugs,