Monday, July 20, 2009

Gooseberry Patch Christmas Books

Hi everyone!

I must apologize once again for being so slack in updating my blog but things have been really busy around my house.The garden is doing really good and we have been getting a lot of green beans,tomatoes,cucumbers and squash so Mark has started canning...yes,I said Mark does the canning and that is just fine with me because I just don't have the patience for it.I do help out though...I get to clean up the mess that he makes...LOL.I have also been working on some orders and trying to get started on Fall and Halloween things.We are also doing some major cleaning out at our house.I can't stand all the stuff that has just piled up and took over our guest bedroom and my sewing room looks like something has hit it so I am trying to clean out,throw away stuff and gather up stuff to have a really big yard sale.I came across some really nice books that I thought I would offer for sale here on my blog.They are the Gooseberry Patch Christmas books.I have books 1,2 & 3.They are all just like new.Book 3 is a hardback book and 1 & 2 are paperback.I paid $19.95 plus tax for each book but I will sell these books for $10.00 each plus shipping.I took a picture of them so you could see what they look like.If you are interested in these books just email me at and I will give you all the details.Well I guess I better go for now and get to my housework so I can go pick up some fabric that I ordered and get back home to finish an order.

I hope everyone will have a great week!

Prim hugs,