Friday, April 15, 2011

A great swap with a great friend

Hi everyone,

I just had to make a post about the swap that I just did with a great friend of mine Lecia from Farm House Prims blog.Lecia is a great friend and a great swap partner.She always goes well beyond what she should and I always enjoy doing swaps with her.Lecia sent me one of her awesome bonnets.I love it!Lecia makes the best bonnets!She also made me the cutest little Prairie doll sitter that has on a small bonnet and she made it in my favorite color mustard.I love it!She also sent me a Gooseberry Patch cookbook.I love those cookbooks and have a collection of them.She even put in something extra,a sweet little seed bag that has a pocket on it and in the pocket there is a sweet little Prairie doll.Lecia knows I love Prairie dolls.It will look great with my bonnets.Now I have got to nag Mark so he will make me another peg rack for my new bonnet and the seed bag.I love all of my swap goodies from Lecia!I always look forward to our swaps.I just hope that Lecia likes her swap goodies from me,I know I love mine from her!It is so nice to do a swap with someone that knows exactly what you like,right down to the colors.Thank you Lecia for my great swap goodies,for swapping with me and most of all for being a great friend!

Prim hugs,