Saturday, January 17, 2009

Doll for my sister and ordered some jar labels

Hi everyone!I just wanted to post a picture of a doll that I just finished making for my sister.No,it is not my usual grungy,primitive style and believe me,it was so hard for me not to stain and grunge up this doll but my sister does not like primitive and she doesn't even like country,she is more froo-froo modern...LOL.I really couldn't believe it when she called and asked if I could make a doll for her.She told me to get out my Country Sampler magazine and she told me what page to look for the doll.My sister works in the office at the Hickory,NC Hobby Lobby and while she was on a break she was looking through Country Sampler and found the doll and she said she just had to have it to put in her office because it was holding a pillow with the same saying that she always says every morning when she comes into work...I'm up and dressed what more do you want!I told her I would do my best but it would be my version of the doll so here it is.I gave it black hair because my sister has black hair.She hasn't saw it yet,unless she reads my blog tonight...LOL.I hope she will like it.Tomorrow I am back to my grungy primitive dolls!

I also wanted to tell everyone that I just ordered some great primitive jar labels.I saw them on the Tomatoe Creek Prims blog and I just fell in love with those jars and I knew I had to have some.I got in touch with Susie and got my order in.I can't wait to get them!I already have a couple of jars and I wouldn't let Mark throw away a salsa jar today...LOL...I thought it would look good with a label on it.So now I am gathering jars...LOL.If you have not saw the great labels made by Susie then you need to check out her listings on ebay and lemonpoppyseeds...her Id is yankeelaneprimitives.Once you see her labels you will have to have some too!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Prim hugs,


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A great day with a great friend!

Yesterday I had a really great day with a really great friend!My friend Sundae and I were both so busy during Christmas that we just decided that we would get together after Christmas and exchange gifts.So yesterday was our day!I went to Sundae's house....I love going is like primitive Heaven!We had decided to just have a fun day of eating,exchanging gifts,talking and looking at magazines and that was what we did!Sundae had made taverns(kind of like a Sloppy Joe but no sloppy)baked beans and she had chips and salsa and pickles.I made some spinach dip and took potato chips and I also made a Holy Cow cake for we pigged out!Everything was so good!We exchanged gifts first because we were like two little kids that just couldn't wait to open their gifts...LOL.Sundae gave me some really nice gifts and I love them all!I just had to take a picture so everyone could see all my gifts.Sundae loves to find old junk and remake them into great primitive pieces.She found the old chair and painted it black for me.I LOVE it!I love the canvas picture.I am thinking I will put it in my bedroom.I love the candle!It smells so good!It is a vanilla scent and it is a crackle candle...when it is burning it sounds like a crackling fire.I also love the black wrought iron hanging candlelabra.I can't wait to find a corner to hang it in!She also gave me a really sweet girlfriends book.I read it last night and I love it so much!After we opened our gifts we ate,talked,looked at magazines and laughed alot.It was a great day!I am so blessed to have found such a wonderful friend!

Today I will stay at home and get back to some sewing.I need to get some things finished for the shop Sassafras in West Jefferson.I am hoping to make a trip there next week.I have some Valentines Day things ready for them but need to get some more things made.I will be posting pictures soon.

I hope everyone will have a nice day today.

Primitive hugs,