Saturday, March 10, 2012

More Spring and Easter Primitives

Hi everyone,

I hope you are enjoying the weekend.I have been trying to run around and get my supplies,etc. so I won't have anymore running to do and also so I can get ready for a big mess starting Monday morning.We are having our guest bathroom remodeled and we are having the old ugly carpet taken out of my sewing room and having new flooring put down.I can't wait for that.It will be so nice to just sweep and use a Swiffer mop instead of the old vacuum cleaner.We will be moving everything out of my sewing room tomorrow and that will be a job.They are saying it should only take 2 days so hopefully by Wednesday I can move everything back into my sewing room and get back to my sewing.But enough of that....LOL.I wanted to post some pictures of more Spring and Easter primitives that I have recently made.I was very pleased with how the Abagail Bunny turned out.She is $42.00 and I made her brother or maybe he is her boyfriend...LOL Benjamin Bunny.He is also $42.00.By now you know that I love making stitcheries and I have made a couple more,He is Risen stitchery pillow $15.00.I also made some cute Spring Lambs.They are $12.00 each.They look great out all year round.I have one in an old basket in my kitchen.I also made a cute Spring Thyme Crow.He is wearing a straw hat and has a flower tucked under his wing.He is $28.00.I made another stitchery pillow that is just perfect for Spring and Summer.It is Sunflower Seeds and it is $15.00.All of my stitcheries can be made into pillows or framed.I also made a really cute faceless doll with her bunny.Her name is Velma and she has her little bunny in a pocket that hangs around her neck.She is $32.00.After Easter you can just take off her bunny in pocket and leave her out year round.You could also just take out the little bunny and put some Sweet Annie or flowers in the pocket.

I have finished with the shop orders for now but now I am working on a fun swap with one of my blogging friends.I will be starting on some Americana primitives and Uncle Sams real soon so be watching for those.If you are interested in any of my handmade primitives just email me

 and we will work out all the details.Shipping will be added but if you are local I am always glad to me up for delivery.Thank you so much for visiting my blog.Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Prim hugs,