Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I am back....again

Hi everyone,

I need to apologize once again for being so slack in updating my blog.Things have been crazy around my house.We are still working on our house and we ordered new livingroom furniture and a new mattress and they were finally delivered last Friday.So you know I have been redecorating and doing a lot of tweaking and when I think I am happy with everything I look around and don't like anything and start tweaking again.In between working on the house and getting the new furniture I was sick and am just now starting to feel better.It was some rough stuff and it put me behind for a few days.I am feeling so much better but still have the cough and from what I am hearing it hangs on for awhile....I wish it would go away...LOL.

I have also been very blessed with some orders and have been working on those and making somethings for myself.I have so many things that I want to make but there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day...LOL.Hopefully it won't be too much longer and I can post some pictures of the new things I am making.I have been making lots of bonnets lately.I have been blessed with orders for them and I have made a couple for myself.I have attached a picture of one I made for myself.

Well I just wanted to make a post to let everyone know that I am still here and I will attach some pictures of my new livingroom furniture but just remember I am still tweaking and moving things around and I have some new signs that I need to get hung too but at least you can see the new furniture.I am very pleased with it.I hope everyone will have a great week!

Prim hugs,