Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Show Pictures

Hi everyone!

I hope your week has started off to be a good one.I have been taking it easy...LOL.I am still pretty drained from all the prep before the show and then the show this past Saturday.I don't have too much to say about the show....it was bad from the start.There was no organization,no one to give you information or even to say thank you for doing the show.We made the best of it and got our booth set up.It was very hot and thank goodness we didn't get any afternoon storms like they were calling for.I was on the very end,I have never been on the end and our booth and 2 others were with all the food....that has never happened to me.Needless to say no one came to our end unless they wanted food so we didn't get a lot of sales.It was a very disappointing day but we made the best of it.I had a good time laughing and talking with my friend Sundae.She was in with me selling her primitives.We had a nice booth and got a lot of nice compliments,just not a lot of people buying.I do know that I will never do this show again.I wanted to post some pictures of the booth and there are a couple of me and my friend Sundae.I am in pink and Sundae is in blue.If you see anything in the pictures that you are interested in just email me or give me a call and I will give you all the information.

I am taking this week off to get rested up but I am already getting the itch to start sewing again.I will be helping Mark get our garden planted this week since he plowed up everything yesterday and of course we have yard work to do so there will be a lot to keep me busy.I hope you all are enjoying nice,sunny days.

Have a nice week!

Prim hugs,



  1. Sorry to hear your show was a bust. Your booth looks wonderful, however. It was unfortunate that you were with the food set ups. You need to be careful about that as I once had all my merchandise covered with grease after being set up across from a booth with hamburgers and sausage and other fried goodies on a breezy day. Hope your next show will be better.

  2. I am so sorry to hear of the poor placement of your booth.
    But what Pat says is true...Your set up looks wonderful. People really missed out on some of your wonderful items.
    Good luck with your next show...I am sure you will sell out!

  3. Sorry the show wasn't good, Tammy...hope your next one is much better...Blessings...

  4. From the looks of your booth...I would have loved to have stepped into it!

  5. So sorry about the show....that's one for experience. Been there lots of times. Look at the bright side..now you have "inventory" for the next show.
    I would have loved to see your booth up close, it looks wonderful.
    Keep smiling,