Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My new kittens

Hi everyone!

I know this post is not about anything primitive but I just had to make a post about my new kittens and show you a picture of them.A couple of months ago we lost our beloved cat Festus.We had him a long time so when he died it was pretty hard on us and we really didn't think we would want to get another cat but my MIL's cat had some kittens and all it took was one look at them and I had mine picked out...LOL.Well we ended up with 2...the one I picked out and Mark picked one.Mine is the beige one.It is a boy and I named him Ozzy.Mark's is the grayish black one and it is a girl and he named her Sharon...get it...Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne and yes they go at each other just like Ozzy and Sharon...LOL.They are so cute and so sweet!I hope you enjoy seeing the pictures of our new kittens!

Have a great day!

Prim hugs,


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  1. I think Festus is in kitty heaven cheering; he knows how important it is for kitties to get the right home and find the true love that Festus himself found with you two. What a wonderful thing for you all to have two babies full of love with you now. I love their names!! Welcome to Ozzie and Sharon!