Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow,Snow and More Snow

Hi everyone,

I know it has been a long time since I updated my blog but life just got in the way.I have had several doctor appointments but glad that all of that is done for another year and everything looks good.I have also been busy making things for a local shop and trying to make a few things for myself too which is rare...I never make anything for myself but I have decided to start.

All week on the weather reports they have been saying that we were going to have a very big snow storm to hit us starting Friday and going through to Saturday night and they were right.It started snowing at my house yesterday at 4:30 and it came down really heavy all through the night.It started sleeting early this morning and has continued to through the morning and at times there has been light snow too.If you know me you already know that I do not like snow.I do not go out in snow and I will not drive if there is even a trace of snow on the roads but I did bundle up and went out in the snow this morning to take some pictures.It is really pretty but I am ready for it to stop and melt and go away but I know that is not going to happen because the temps are to fall through the day and they are already talking about another round of this mess coming through late next week.I don't know when I will ever get out of this house!Anyway I hope you will enjoy these snow pictures.I also wanted to put in a picture of a doll that I made for my friend Sundae for Christmas.I made it using a pattern by Angel and the Crow.I love Catherine's patterns.I was really pleased with how this doll turned out and I even made one for myself but I still need to finish the pears to go with mine.I am busy working on things for a local shop.I have been sewing lots of bunnies and stitching some Spring and Easter stitcheries to make into pillows.I have bunny head ornies on my sewing table that need to be finished so hopefully you will get to see those soon.They are looking pretty cute so far.I will go for now and wait to see if my crazy hubby makes it back from the store.He just had to get out in the snow...thank goodness for 4 wheel drive.Enjoy the weekend and stay warm!

Prim hugs,



  1. Hi Tammy! Oh my gosh you got so much snow! We are in the Fort Bragg area and all we saw was rain.. Tammy it rained heavy all day long! All that heavy rain showed up as snow on your doorstep I think! I am having so much fun visiting your blog this morning! I just wanted to pop over and say hello! xoxo

  2. Oh Tammy the snow is soo beautiful!! Thanks for sharing. And I just love that prairie doll you made from the Angel and Crow pattern! I had ordered the pattern too and made one, I just love it also, it was so easy to make. Definitely want to have some of them made up for my show coming up in March. OOh I wish I could get motivated but so much has happened to me lately that has put a snag in everything BUT I must get busy and get motivated somehow! LOL!! Take care hon and stay warm, thanks again for sharing the beautiful pics of the snow. Blessings, Carmen B.