Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday and a drawing over on Jackie's blogspot

Hi everyone!
Well it's Super Bowl Sunday and I guess everyone is getting ready for the big game.I don't care much for it myself except for the commercials and the entertainment but it is a big deal for my hubby even though his team is not playing.He LOVES football!He watches it all the time so you know where he will be today....well he is already watching it...LOL.I plan to spend the day playing on the computer and making his snacks.I have already baked a cake and I am getting ready to make a cheeseball.Later this afternoon I am going to make a crockpot Mexican dip.I think that should hold him for snacks...LOL.I also plan to work on a big bunny that I am making.I started stuffing it yesterday.I am rag stuffing it and boy is it taking a lot of rags!When it is finished I will post pictures of it.
I also wanted to tell everyone about the great drawing that Jackie is doing on her blog
It is for a $25.00 gift certificate!I love Jackie's patterns and I already own a few of them and I am getting ready to make her bunny with the 3 little carrots.I love her blog and her picturetrail.Please go over to Jackie's blogspot and get signed up for the drawing.
I guess I will go make that cheeseball.I hope everyone will enjoy watching the big game or if you are like me enjoy doing what makes you happy!
Prim hugs,


  1. Hi Tammy~ I am a new follower. I was in some need of some new primitive blogs to add to my blog roll, and I came across yours!
    I see that we have a few of the same bloggers in common!
    I'm looking forward to reading off I go!
    Great blog, by the way!

  2. Hi Janene,
    Thanks so much for finding my blog and becoming a follower!I am so glad you like my blog!Please keep checking back!I will add you to my blog roll.I am going to go over and read your blog.
    Prim hugs,