Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another Bunny & Whatcha Workin On Wednesday

Hi everyone!

Well here it is Wednesday and I am behind once again.My hubby is on vacation this week so it is hard for me to get much of anything done but he did make 2 more trenchers yesterday and he even tried his hand at making a shorter,wider one and it came out pretty good.I can't thank Char(The Pickled Pepper Patch)enough for her wonderful instructions for those trenchers and now thanks to Char he wants to try to make some other wood stuff...Thank You Char,you're the best!Of course I still have to paint the trenchers that he made yesterday but I thought I would share a picture of what they look like so far.I also made another bunny.I think the bunnies are multiplying around here...LOL.I made this cute Old Bunny from a Veena's Mercantile pattern.These were really good sellers for me a couple of years ago so I thought I would make another one.So if you are interested in it just email

I also finished the goodies for the laundry swap but I can't post those pictures and I have been working on things for an upcoming show but I haven't taken any pictures yet but I promise I will.I did all of this inbetween having a new heating and air system put in on Monday.I am glad it is done but what a mess I had to clean up afterwards.I am just glad the rain held off until today.I guess I better head back to my sewing room so I can get myself busy working on an order and making things for the show.Have a great day!

Prim hugs,


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