Thursday, December 11, 2008

Finally,giving blogging a try

Hi everyone!
Finally,I have got up the nerve to give blogging a try.I love reading blogs and have a long list of blogs that I visit so I thought what the heck,I'll give a try and here I am.This is a learning experience for me as I am not that great with the computer so bear with me as I learn all the blogging tricks.I hope to make new friends and share ideas and pictures of my favorite things....primitives of all kinds,primitive decorating,making primitive dolls,stitcheries and making all kinds of primitive needfuls.I also love to cook and bake so I hope to share some recipes too.Well I just thought I would try my first post so I will try to learn more and add more posts over the weekend.Thanks for reading my first post!


  1. Good going Tammy...just keep playing with that did a good job. Blessings....Barbara

  2. You did great Tammy! I started blogging not long ago and after awhile you'll learn all kind of new things! I'll add you to my favorites. Hugs....Brenda

  3. Thanks Barbara!I am trying...LOL.I had to get help from my nephew but so far it's going ok.I hope to come see you Tuesday but I will call you Monday to let you know for sure.

  4. Thanks so much Brenda!I still have so much to learn.Thanks for adding me to your favorites!As soon as I learn how to do that I will add you to mine.
    Prim Hugs,