Sunday, December 28, 2008

A great Christmas and a relaxing weekend

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas.We had a great Christmas!I was so busy right up until Christmas Day and there was alot of running here and there but it was all worth it!We enjoyed being with our family,eating lots of good food and watching the kids open their gifts(even though they are not little anymore,13 and 16).We recieved alot of nice gifts too.I was so ready to get the Christmas tree down and all the other decorations put away so I spent all day Friday doing that.We were going to take down the outside decorations yesterday but it was raining so hopefully we will get to do that tomorrow.I left out my snowmen.I leave them out until Feb. I will also leave out my outside snowmen and my old sled that is on my porch.
I have spent the weekend just relaxing.It has been really nice because it is not too often that I get a whole weekend to do nothing but relax.I do plan to work on some stitching today.I have been thinking about Valentines Day and what to make for the new year.I already have some Valentines Day things ready for the Sassafras shop in West Jefferson and will be making some more new things for them so that means I get to plan a trip there in the next couple of weeks!I will try to post some pictures of the things I make for Valentines Day.I hope everyone will enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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